Insurance FAQ

  1. What is the best way to save on insurance?

    The best way to save money on insurance is by comparing rates across companies. The average person compares three rates and picks one insurance company to go with. Our platform makes comparing rates between companies extremely efficient.

  2. How does Quotenomics work?

    When you enter your zip, we begin finding the cheapest insurance rates based on information about you. For instance, some insurance companies offer discounts to people living in certain areas, people who are above a certain age, and more. We take this information and find the best insurance company for you.

  3. How much coverage do I need?

    How much coverage you need depends on the state you are located in. Our platform will take this into account and provide you with tips depending on laws, regulations, and other considerations.

  4. Are you an insurance company?

    We are not an insurance company and do not provide direct insurance policies to consumers. Instead, we have partnered up with insurance companies and brokers to make an easy to use comparison tool so that you can find the best rates.

  5. Is your tool free to use?

    Yes, Quotenomics is currently 100% free to use. We do not know how long we will be offering this service for free, so please use this tool and share it with your friends and family while it is still public.

  6. What information do you use to get a quote?

    We try to ask for as little information as possible when getting a quote, but we still want to ensure that our quotes reflect the true price as much as possible. As a result, to ensure that our quotes are accurate, we ask for your name, email, phone number, and car model.